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Mold Products Summary

Preventex® sealants stop over 60 family groups of specific fungus organisms to include interior and exterior species. Most types of algae, mildews and bacteria associated with staining of wood, painted walls and siding can be stopped. Treatable surfaces include shingles, bricks and concrete surfaces. Other features can be provided on request such as color and fire retardancy.

Preventex® Primer Saturant 100

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Preventex® Top Coat 102

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WonderChem's NuEtch

NuEtch is a unique Hydrofluoric acid generator designed to make a bondable surface on silica bearing substrates. It avoids the dangers associated with using pure hydrofluoric acid yet effectively etches glass, ceramics, tiles and concrete.

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FlexClear Urethane

FlexClear is a solvent free aliphatic polyurethane dispersion. FlexClear can be used on tile, siding and stone. Mold and fungus can not establish itself even in high humidity.

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Material Safety Data Sheets are available HERE.

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