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Mold Cellulose Sealant Data

Preventex® wood sealing products act as a team to incapacitate and inhibit the growth of microorganisms.  First is the penetrating primer which stops existing growths and leaves behind a residual micro-biotic.  The primer also chemically locks into the wood.  The Top-Coat then seals the biocides into the substrate and creates a continuous film repellent surface.

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Preventex® Wood Sealers typical properties --- specifications
% solids by weight Top Coat 102 42.6% +/-2
primer 100 21% +/-1
% acrylic 100%
pounds per gallon top coat 8.6 lb.
primer 8.5 lb.
viscosity, centipoise #3 spindle, 100 rpm, 70f 12,000 cps 26+4.0
pH 6.96 pH
odor low to none
VOC's volume: 7.2 oz./gal.
weight: 192 gm./gal.
dry time touch 30 minutes
re-coat 30 min. - 3 hr.
full cure 3 - 7 days
average film thickness primer: 2 -4 mils.
top coat: 2-8 mils.
combined: 4-10 mils.
pencil hardness 2h
tensile 3000 to 6000 psi
compressive strength 6000 psi
% elongation after cure 5% to 10%
gloss 95 - 100 @ 60 degrees without matting
UV resistance excellent - no yellowing or chalking. set for 5 years.
abrasion resistance comparable to moisture cured urethane, but sandable
shelf life Guaranteed 6 months

WonderChem, Inc. warranties that if any goods supplied prove defective in workmanship or material it will be replaced.

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