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Mold Urethane Sealant
FlexClear Urethane
an aliphatic waterborne polyurethane coating

FlexClear is a solvent free solvent resistant, aliphatic polyurethane dispersion. Coat tile and painted walls for mold prevention and to provide a hard surface. WonderChem’s FlexClear can be used on siding and stone. Mold and fungus can not establish itself even in high humidity.

Key Features

  1. high hardness
  2. excellent chemical resistance
  3. high abrasion resistance
  4. outstanding flexibility
Physical Properties of Clear Films
(cured 14 days at ambient conditions)
100% Modulus 5000 psi strength
Tensile Strength 7000 psi
Elongnation 200
Sward hardness 50

FlexClear typical properties --- specifications
Appearance blue-white liquid
Solids: 35% +/-2%
Viscosity: (Bookfield-lvf-72deg.F) 80cps 30-300 cps
pH: 7.5-8
Flashpoint (SETAFLASH cc) none
Weight/gal 8.82 lbs.
VOC <0.40 lb. / gal. (<48 g/l)
Solvents: triethylamine <.5%
Butyl cellusolve 3.3%
cure: aziridine, polyfunctional 28 grams/ gallon
TSCA status: all components listed on TSCA inventory

Coverage Rate: 250 square feet per gallon

Material Safety Data Sheets

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